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The Bomb– Torch Songs
New band formed by ex Naked Raygun singer Jeff Pezzati. Straight-ahead punkpop. Like raygun, but with some piano at times, singalong stuff, but all the fast drum fills and power chords of elder times. Fresh.

The Matics– Ignition
More straight ahead melodic punk songs about love and the lack of it.

Both of the above slabs can be found at http://www.jettsionmusic.com. Steve Albini pureed both releases. (FYI: Pezatti was also a member of Big Black at one time, Salami-nae <img> )

Blake Babies– Earwig
My first album of theirs. How can one not like this band? Saw their newest at the same store, probably will get it 2mrw. Might copout and change my tag to Steamie Gregg.

Oh yeah… lucked into the album called "In Session"
when I found the Blake Babies.


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