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I just bought these records last Friday:

Versus / Hurrah – I really, really like it. Anyone have an idea of a next album to pick up by them? I’m going to see +/- in a few weeks, which is Versus-related according to the show promoter.

Labradford/Fixed::Context – I’ve been listening to a bunch of instrumental stuff lately and didn’t have any Labradford stuff, so I thought I’d give it a listen. Good ‘work’ music. Not too distracting.

Rachel’s/Handwriting LP – I saw Rachels and the Shipping News a few weeks ago and I’ve been picking up their stuff left and right. See above comment about instrumental stuff.

Pedro the Lion/Control – His most raw album to date. 11 songs about a character who just can’t be faithful, no matter what he does. Has one of my favorite lyrics of the year so far: ‘i could never divorce you / without a good reason / but it’s good to have options’. <img>

Flaming Lips/Yoshimi – Okay, so it’s downloaded, but it’s another step closer to perfection for Wayne and crew. If you think the ‘Soft Bulletin’ couldn’t be improved upon, you may want to think again. Amazing. <img>