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Thought Police

With my pocket full of money I’ll visit my favourite record store this afternoon to buy:

Björk- Vespertine
Beta Band – Three Eps
the new Motorpsycho
Radiohead – Pyramid Song (Maxi)
Boards Of Canada (forgot the title, but it was ortdered for me)
Nebula – Charged
some surprise (I usuall find something interesting, probably the new Mercury Rev).

Last time I was there I purchased:
Radiohead – Amnesiac
Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun
Mogwai – Rock Action
Muse – Origin Of Symetry
Ash – Free All Angels
Blackmail – Bliss, please

Thanks for listening,


Since my weekend starts today I wish you a pleasant time; I’ll get back on monday.

"on a distant shoreline, she waves her arms to me as all the thought police, are closing in for sleep"
– Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins
in ‘Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans’