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Hey Allison
Congrats on getting Good Morning Spider!It is a cool album,my fav tune is "Happy Man" which for some reason reminds me of Guided By Voices(I`d love to here them cover it)"Sick Of Goodbyes" reminds me of watching tv the last few days and the memorials for the people killed last tuesday,saying goodbye to thousands of people is pretty sad.Daniel Johnston`s "Hey Joe" is a great choice for a cover song,I forget the name of one of the tunes but he quotes Lou Reed and Tom Waits in it-"I`ve come to hate my body…"from VU`s"Candy Says" and "In a bathroom of a Texaco" is a Waits lyric from his song "Gun Street Girl".On the first album he quotes Neil Young on one song.Cool that he does those references!
Future Shop I check occasionally for cool stuff,last year I saw MC5`s Kick Out The Jams there for $9.99.I usually buy blank tapes there because they have the best price around here.When I bought Good Morning Spider there 2 years ago I also bought Social Distortion`s Live At The Roxy and Tom Waits`s Heartattack And Vine,I was pleased with those 3 albums.
Look for the first album at used stores,it`ll problably pop up there.There also 2 eps to watch out for-"Chords I`ve Known" and "Distorted Ghost".