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It`s strange how are tastes can be similar at times,different at other times.I don`t like the Alejandro Escovedo album,bought it in april,I like a few tunes but overall it does`nt do much for me.
Too bad you don`t like the Lucinda album,it`s different then her other records,I think maybe someone gave her a Low album and decided to go for a slow and sad folk/country album.It problably turned off alot of fans that would rather her more upbeat tunes.
Still never heard that Ryan Adams album,have to check it out,I heard that it`s really good.
Have you ever listened to the Handsome Family,if not there`s 8 songs at epitonic.com in the folk/acoustic section.check out "So Much Wine","Arlene",and "Drunk By Noon" especially.They`re from Chicago,the guy who sings and plays guitar is from Texas originally though.Jeff Tweedy guested on one of their records.Jebus,if you too have`nt heard them yet,check out those mp3`s I mentioned,hope you checked out Buckner.