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Funnily enough I bought Sonic Youths Dirty today as well, as one of the records seems to have disappeared when I recently moved from Berlin to Hamburg. Got it now on CD of course, yet the irritating detail is, that the record that got lost was the one with the vinyl bonus track on it. Oh, just my luck. But Stalker was never one of my favourites. Guess we have to be grateful for small mercies.
I also got my hands on the new Compilation from the Düsseldorfer Unique Club (you simply have to go there, if you are anywhere near) aptly titled New Testament of Funk 2001. Not quite as good as NTOF 2000 but coming close. Probably a grower. It´s mostly clubtunes with references to Mambo, Boogaloo, Soul, Funk, Bossa Nova, stuff like that, but always a bit tongue in cheek and still so groovy. Well, I don´t know most of the artists featured on there and since most of them are at least partly German, I wont bore you with the details. However, should you ever come across the New Testament Of Funk series I urge you to give it a listen. And you can virtually visit the club on http://www.unique-club.de.
The third CD I bought was 3rd perspective from United Future Generation (from 96) a Japanese threesome, who mix Jazz, Filmmusic, Bossa Nova (again, I´m afraid), Space Age Bachelor Pad music with a modern beat. Dance away. I reckon 3rd Perspective is their best CD, so if that sounds good to you give it a listen. Really uplifting.
So great to have time again to do a bit of recordshopping and surf the internet.

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