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Thank you,Den Buck for your good taste in music!
I just bought a 7 song EP by Oh Susanna,it sounds great!Canada `s answer to Gillian Welch!
The music store here still does`nt have the new Gillian Welch album yet,so it was great to buy the next best thing!
Can`t find any Freakwater around here,I heard them on the radio and some mp3`s that amazon.com have.My main interest in Freakwater is Janet,she plays also in 11th Dream Day,I only found so far 1 album by them;"Lived To Tell" which is awesome!,they`re a cross between Neil Young,Television,X,Velvet Underground,and of course Dinosaur Jr.They recorded ‘Lived To Tell in a tobbacco barn on a farm in Kentucky!.
I also bought the Replacements-Tim as well,a classic.
Thanks again for the Oh Susanna suggestion,I was worried I may not like them,$15.99 canadian is a lot to risk on an artist you never heard but it worked!
They also had the "Sleepy Little Sailor" album as well,I`ll check out that another time.