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Hey Turnipfarmer:

I thought up some bands of the Slowdive type:

Lush-You problably know them,their early stuff was Cocteau Twins influenced,their final album in 96 was more Brit pop.check out their early stuff if you have`nt already.
Medicine-american band that I find kind of uneven,sometimes good sometimes boring,their ep Sounds of medicine features a song with the Cocteau Twins and a song remixed by Billy Corgan and drums by Jimmy Chamberlain,it also has a 16 minute noise piece live in New Orleans.Their album the Buried Life is something to check out,I only heard one tune from it but it does sound good.
Spiritualized-If you have`nt checked them out,do so,they have a new album out soon,check out their 97 album-Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space,their music is orchestral,trumpets,saxs,violins,choirs,etc.but still keep loud guitars up front,I think of them being a cross between the Velvet Underground and Sun Ra.
His Name Is Alive and Pale Saints-have`nt checked out their stuff so I can`t tell you much but they`re in the vein of Slowdive type stuff I`m told.