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The Mojave 3 album to check out is their second album-"Out Of Tune";as I said it`s in a Nick Drake/Neil Young Folk/country vein,it`s 3 ex Slowdive people.
The Cranes-back in 98 I saw "Population 4" in a music store and thought I`d buy it;I never heard any of their music before,when I heard Allison`s voice I did`nt like it,it was like Juliana Hatfield to the 9th degree;But I kept listening to it and after awhile I started really liking it,her voice I started liking more too;I also found a copy of "Forever" around which I like even better than "Population 4".Their guitar playing is bizzare,it`s kind of like My Bloody Valentine`s guitar trickery,not really sure what they`re doing but it sounds cool.
Cocteau Twins-Love them;One day I was walking home from High School and down the road from my school was this used book store,very small place,I went in and looked around and found a copy of Cocteau Twins-"Heaven Or Las Vegas" cd and Bob Mould-"Black Sheets Of Rain" on tape.I heard the Cocteau`s on the radio in an interview,very nice people and they played 2 songs from "Four Calender Cafe",that`s when I first heard of them,"Heaven Or Las Vegas" is my favorite album by them,beautiful songs.
Other bands in this style I`ll think about and post later.