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Picked a couple up this week,

Bailter Space…Solar 3
Just about crashed my car picking up this one, blowing snow/ice on a freeway not a good mix!!!
One of my fav songs Big Cat is on this one, gotta love Live For You, Woke Up, Right Now, Tide….well most of the songs <img> <img> <img>

Just ordered Modulate by Bob Mould, hope to get it b4 the end of the month vg’s b’day and all (one of those great gifts thats thrilling for you as well as the one who gets it…so cool)

Mexican Running Babies…Randy Jane

Yup this is by our own Randy Jane, definitely worth the ten bucks!!! Fav songs so far, I Don’t Believe It, With Me and Choco Nitemare. It also has one of the coolest song titles…Flight of The Porkchop <img>

Allison <img>