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Long Distance Drunk

Corin Tucker is god & the Queen of Rock. Personally I like Call the Doctor the most of all of the SK disks, "Good Things" is my favorite song. I like to burn 2 short CDs onto 1 blank one, and I have Dig Me Out (truely a great disk) and Dino’s Fossils on one disk. Pretty cool.

I just got:
1) White Stripes–White Blood Cells: Pretty rockin’ little disk, only gave it a couple of listens as yet
2)Bad Religion–The Process of Belief: best BR disk since Stranger than Fiction
3) The Strokes–Is this It: held off on this one, but whatever issues I had with this band, they write really good songs. Surely the bastard children of Paul Westerberg and Chrissie Hynde.

Got about 20 CDs on MP3 the other day, so I think I’m set for awhile…