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Stuff I picked up since my last post to this thread:

1. Juliana Hatfield– Juliana’s Pony: Total System Failure. Critics, the type that were in den buck’s article, mentioned this is a lousy effort and that the other disc, Beautiful Creatures, which is mellower from what I hear, is a better work. All I know is that Jules has come a long way with her guitar playing and the lyrics on this release are snarly almost all the way through. That, and I like it, is all I will say.

2. Royal Trux– Cats and Dogs. An old favorite of mine that I am glad to have back in the ol’ collection.

3. and 4. Sleater-Kinney– Dig Me Out and All Hands on The Bad One. You know, I don’t quite know what to think about Dig Me Out as of yet, since I am too busy enjoying AHOTBO. Comparing the two, you can see how the musicianship has been continually improving. Their lyrics are incredible as well. Perhaps they do not have a lot of new ways to project vocally, but other aspects of their artistry are innovative and have bands copying them. No better respect than that, I think.

5. and 6. Naked Raygun — Jettison and Throb Throb. Hmm, what is about this band besides the fact their name has been on the main forum page for a few weeks that makes them interesting? I don’t know, go ask the critics <img> . Seriously, they were a unit from Chicago that played for almost the entire decade of the eighties, ending in 1990, taking from various bands like Wire, Stiff LIttle Fingers and the Buzzcocks and funneling the influences into both their demographics and the political landscape of the time. What came out of them was high-energy, harmonic punk rock with a heart and a mind. It is likely that if Naked Raygun had not been the standard bearers, along with the Effigies, for punk in the Chicagoland area, we might not have seen the break in 1991. Maybe it could have happened, but this band showed what it took to from town to town to town for peanuts just to do what they liked and to give their fatihful well over their money’s worth. Don’t take my word for it, check them out and try not to overgeneralize about labels. Break it down a piece at a time and gold will be found.

7. Modest Mouse– Lonesome Crowded West. Still getting an over-all feel for this album. The gems are obvious, like Heart Cooks Brain, Truckers, and "Drunk". The thing with Modest Mouse that grabs me probably like no other band is their lyrical
style. I think they compress a lot of ideas into a few words and I will admit, the subtleties are sometimes lost on me. At times I think I understand something and then I have to reread or relisten to catch it again. I think lyrically, this album is more challenging than Moon and Antarctica and not as straightforward in the message end of things. I wonder if they write like J and do the music and then just find words that fit together. Obvious a lot of time goes into the lyrical end of things or perhaps I am just on a different cognitive level than Isaac Brock. Who knows.

8. Free Touch and Go/Quarterstick Records Sampler 2001. This came with the NR cd’s from Touch and Go along with a bunch of stickers for different bands. T and G still rock.
1. Elk City "Three Ears"
2. Empire State "Explode"
3. The Frames "Lay Me Down"
4. The Kingsbury Manx "Let You Down"
5. The Lofty Pillars "Underworld"
6. Tara Jane ONeil "Your Rats Are"
7. Superchunk "Art Class"
8. Quasi "It’s Raining"
9. Shannon Wright "Less Than a Moment
10. Quasi "Mammon"
11. Calexico "Crystal Frontier"
12. The Ex "Walt’s Dizzyland"
13. The New Year "Gasoline"
14. Bedhead "Lepidoptera"
15. Shipping News "The March Song"