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Bucky Ramone

The Walkabouts were in very fine form yesterday evening, they played for about two hours, the overall sound was a little more robust and rockier than on their latest record, with Chris Eckman throwing in the occasional Neil Young-ish guitar-solo, all in all, a very good show!

After the show I had the opportunity to talk to Chris & Carla, they wished that they had recorded this show instead of last evening’s show in Brussels…..

I also got the following cd’s from them last night:

Chris & Carla – Come as you aren’t
C & C live in Brussels, including a fine twelve-minute version of Neil Young’s ‘Cortez the killer’, a ‘bootleg’, not available in the shops, my copy is signed by both Chris & Carla…

Walkabouts – Drunken soundtracks
a new collection of non-album tracks and rarities, not in the shops until late this spring….

Transmissionary Six – idem
Project from Walkabouts drummer Terri Moeller together with Paul Austin from the Willard Grant Conspiracy, also not yet available in any shop….

Nice people, those Walkabouts!!!!