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Walked into a local grocery/gen. merchandise store here (Meijers). Found Los Angeles, Wild Gift, and Under The Big Black Sun from X for about 12 bucks apiece.

I heard Sun before and Fouth of July but this set is incredible. Billy Zoom could do it all, fast,slow, rockabilly, sax, just an awesome musician.

Some don’t like Exene too much, but the songs she and John Doe wrote on these releases are poems set to music, punk style. Sorry, but I like them better than Patti Smith for the poetry effect. Talked to a guy at the J. show who just saw John Doe play in Chicago recently. I guess he is playing guitar now.

These discs are Rhino reissues. Between the three, there are 18 bonus tracks, mostly cuts found on the three albums in outtakes, and live. Liner notes document the band’s lives during the times each of the albums were being made.

At the same store found It’s a Shame about Ray
from the Lemonheads. Never had the full disc, glad I have it now.

Also picked up Mercury Rev "All is Dream" This is a lot different from Boces. The main difference is they sound more like an orchestra on this disc. Like on Boces they do a good job and hitting what the strive for, I think, if that makes sense.

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