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Sappy-yeah,I`ve heard of these dudes.Awesome bands that everyone should check out.
Squirrel Bait was a wicked band,I don`t have that first album but what I heard from it is great,Sun God is a great song.I have the second SB album-Skag Heaven,which is one of my fav albums of all time,Choose Your Poison is a killer song,ditto for Kick The Cat,and their cover of Phil Ochs `s Tape From California kicks ass.
The For Carnation are cool,Brian MacMahon`s post Slint band,he was also in Squirrel Bait as well.

One related band to check out is Bitch Magnet,David Grubbs from Squirrel Bait/Bastro/Gastr Del Sol is rumored to be the guitarist,they were just as awesome as Squirel Bait,check out any of their stuff.they were around in the late 80` s,early 90`s,Soo Young Park who later fronted Seam was the bassist/singer.