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Just bought:
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions-Bavarian Fruit Bread;good to see this,it`s been too long since Mazzy Star released an album,5 years I guess.The drummer from MBV-Colm O`Cloisig helped out alot on this,William Reid from JAMC wrote one of the tunes.Should be pretty good,one review I read gave it a 9 out of 10.

Allison-There`s another Sparklehorse ep,"Chords I`ve Known" on Slow River Records,you might want to order that sometime.

They still don`t have Ear Bleeding Country here yet!which is strange because Tom Waits best of 73-80 on Rhino is here,everyone should check that out if you have`nt listened to Waits much.