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Hey Salamiguy
I actually got Cannonballs stab at Bossa Nova 4 months ago for a mere 15 Deutsch Marks. Now that´s something like 7 US Dollars. I already knew some of the tracks from various compilations and I´m not a big fan of Cannonballs saxplaying. Too straightforward for me. But Sergios pianostyle is great as ever.
Recently I got a double CD from Bud Shank (the Bossa Nova Years) which is much better. Bud Shank did some work with Laurindo Almeida in the 50s. They recorded the Braziliance Vol 1 & 2 albums before the term Bossa Nova existed. More Jazz than Samba actually but still worth listening to. Anyway, this other Bud Shank double CD compiles recordings from the early sixties and has Sergio Mendes on several tracks. Bud Shank plays flute and Saxophone, so there is a bit of variation.
Great Stuff.
Some thoughts about buying CDs in general. Jobrelated I have to move around a bit (like from next month on I work in Hamburg) and lugging your CD collection with you is a real pain in the ass. Mind you, vinyl is even harder and I noticed that in recent years I no longer feel the urge to own everything that takes my fancy. Try to concentrate on the things that really do something new for me and otherwise feel really good spending money on things that you don´t have to carry home (gigs, cinema, clubs, ect). Gosh, I felt so free when I threw most of my books away, cause I realised I won´t read them again; rather read some new stuff.

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