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Bucky Ramone

To get back to the topic again:

I just bought….

The White Stripes – White blood cells
Brother (guitar) and sister (drums) make minimalist rock&roll with some great pop songs inbetween, excellent stuff!!!! (sometimes it even sounds a little like Jon Spencer!)

American Analog Set – Know by heart
Nice album, somehow reminds me of Yo la Tengo and the Feelies (there is even an instrumental that sounds a lot like Neu! or Kraftwerk with guitars), in a couple of weeks time they ar playing in Amsterdam, I will be there!

Ryan Adams – Gold
One of the biggest talents around at the moment, his last album ‘Hearbreaker’ was quite sad, this one is more optimistic, while Neil Young just managed 1 or 2 decent songs on each of his latest cd’s, Ryan Adams manages to have 20 great songs on this one! He will be in Amsterdam (and touring Europe) as well in October, and I will be there as well!