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Turnipfarmer-sounds like you checked out some of the bands I mentioned,cool!
I`ve been listening to Lush,yesterday I`ve listened to Gala ,Spooky is good,Spilt is good as well though the critics hate it,Lovelife is more of a Brit pop sound then dream pop but it does have some good songs on it.
The Sundays I`m not sure I mentioned before,maybe I did,Static And Silence is great,the other two albums are good as well.We`re problably gonna be viewed as wimps for liking this kind of music,I don`t care!
Check out Autour De Lucie,it`s in a Sundays/Cranes/Ivy vein,they`re from France.really nice mellow stuff.

Like Allison said what`s on that Dinosaur album you mentioned?