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I forgot to mention that these CD`s did`nt cost too much.$17.99 for the SY,$11.99 for
the Griffith,and $9.99 each for the Gilmore
and Mingus tribute.
I do have used CD place near me,going to them can be the worst mistake of your life.
I got into the habit of trading CD`s and messed up my collection bad.There is good part though,I have about 90 CD`s I have`nt
even listened to!I decided that I`m not
going to go to anymore used places anymore
or at least trade no more.The guy at the place
is nice,so I`m glad I helped out his business
as well as giving people a chance to buy
music cheaper,even though it does hurt the
artist or the label,but I bought tons of CD`s
new and don`t feel too guilty about used,but
I don`t think I`ll be doing anymore trades to
used stores.
The Little furry things video is great,saw it
years ago.