This was my first live performance with J and I must say it’s the best thing I ever seen. I’ve been a fan since ’93 and been dying to see Dino / J live since then. When J entered the stage (lookin a bit confused) I couldn’t belive it was true. The bassplayer, Watt must be one of the coolest people around, does he drive a tuck on his freetime?? I was a bit dispointed on the lack of songs from Where you been but hey the ones they played kicked the livin shit out of me… just like heaven, the wagon, same day, kracked, FREAK SCENE, back before you go… I really liked the stooges covers to. Watt really rocked the mic… guest apparance by Jello Biaffra (Dead Kennedys) on No Fun I’m speechless.

I was really sorry to hear about the accident hope everything turns out well.

THANK YOU J & the FOG and everybody in the audience who made this to the best gig ever

some pictures from the show at Hultsfredsfestivalens homepage http://www.rockparty.se/fotoalbum/jmascis/default.htm
check out Watt I never gonna shave in my life
ZTV was there and covered the show so hopefully it will be reaired soon