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I got into dino when watching a tv game show back in 1994 called something like "videoit. Anyways there was this guy on the show wearing a greenmind t-shit and at the time i was in high school smoking alot of pot,and some how the t-shirt grabed my attention. Anyways i hit the stores looking for a dino cd and Where you been came my way(thank god it did). When i first listened to that cd i remember listening to it in bed in total darkness and it frightened the shit out of me(dont know why), but now it remains my all time fav cd.I now have quite a collection of dino cd’s and believe i will still be listening to dino 10 years from now. The only other band that has totally hooked me like dino is Primus.
p.s.:It’s funny how many different ways dino has stepped into our lives.

"its better than a kick in the face with a golf shoe"

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