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My 1st Dinosaur Jr song was Little Fury Things in the late 80’s….it was the perfect sound for my brain!!! Like DFKgirl I have since that time picked up as much Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis material I could get my hands on. The music has always made me smile & feel great, even if the content may be depressing at times it leaves me feeling optimistic….what more could you want? I have not ever been disappointed by anything put out by J Mascis, just keeps getting better and better!!!!!

I tend to categorize things, Dino Jr/J Mascis entered the group of bands/music that I feel the strongest about….NY Dolls, Iggy, Damned, Flaming Lips, Jesus and Mary Chain, Swervedriver, Husker Du. I listen to a lot of music but the above reach me in a special way, the rest is great but just cannot reach how these work on my brain. To dissect that even more it is first the music that I feel, then the vocals…style etc then the lyrics. With Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis the music is so strong…it really does take 1st place frequently in the above core bands.
I agree with all of you that even with the amount of time gone by since hearing my first Dinosaur Jr song…Little Fury Things my reaction remains the same…..wow wow wow!!!!