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Back in 91 I lived near Dallas and the alternative station KDGE was playing "Start Choppin". I was into a lot of different stuff and prone to buy a CD after hearing one song, even though some of the time I was dissapointed by the rest of the disc. I had a feeling this time might be different. The over-the-top guitar solo in that tune took me back to my young teenage headbanging days but appealed to my taste for depressing but melodic alternative and punk. I picked up Where You Been and the song Out There absolutely floored me within 3 seconds…maybe less! It still does EVERY freakin’ time I listen to it. I too have picked up everything I know of that J has done. There are only two other bands I have totally thrown myself into before. In the mid 80’s I was an R.E.M. fanatic (still love that old stuff) and before that, when I was in Junior high I was an Iron Maiden freak. I went a few years in limbo, not really able to get way into anything in particular until Dinosaur Jr came into my life. It’s perfect!

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