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Allison, very nice story about Iggy. He came to Brazil many years ago ("Instinct" Tour) and I travelled to São Paulo just to see his show. It’ll be always in my mind, and I’m waiting for another opportunity to see him singing alive. Have you listened to his new record? I’m waiting, in despair, of course. It send me to to what Dimpfelmoser asked me: my darling, you have a wrong idea about Brazil; only in São Paulo we can find interesting records. Here in my town, I must have an enormous patience to get tuned. Our biggest artists, like Roberto Menescal, are despised. Artists that produce garbage are the ones that sell records! My favourite Brazilian artist, Walter Franco, is a complete unknown. Did you try to buy Roberto Menescal’s records in Internet? If I discover something about him, I’ll let you know, ok?
Well, maybe this week I can go and see Dino’s videos. I have to share the computer with a coleague here in my work, and she wants the computer only for her! Now she’s out, thank God!
Can anybody explain to me why, bellow my name, does appear the name "Gargoyle"? I love this song!
ELJ, I couldn’t scan the letter that Iggy wrote me: it’s a very private letter and I don’t have a scanner here in my work! Have a nice night, you all!