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I don’t know this band, Moist. I live in a town that couldn’t be called "little", but records take too long to come here. If I want to hear something different, I have to order it by São Paulo, where there’s a gallery full of rock stores, but of course, it’s necessary lots of money to get tuned. So, my fun is to frequent stores that sell secondhand records. I don’t care if it’s LP or CD, or if it’s a new or old band; it’s cheap! Few days ago, I bought a T. Rex and a Yardbirds. Very good! Some bands, sometimes, come here, I saw The Cult and Echo & The Bunnymen, last year. My musical taste embraces lots of styles and eras! About Neil Young, I like the fact that he plays loud. For instance, in this Yardbirds’ CD that I bought, guitars are very loud, and they were in 1964! Loud guitars and a remarkable singer, these are the main reasons that make me like a band. Bye!