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Me again!
I was trying to watch Dino’s videos, but it’s taking toooooooo long… Maybe next time…
Salamiguy, thanks for the informations, now I don’t know if I like more "Gargoyle" or "Kracked". What is coming next?!?!?! Well, Canada and Brazil have something in common, no? We really have some excellent musicians, but, if you want to sell records and appear in TV, the right way is writing malicious lyrics and put two or three semi-naked girls to dance! Sad to say that our best rockstars died very young.
Allison, I read that the new Iggy Pop is very noisy, like he was in Stooges. I couldn’ access the site that you indicated to me yet to hear what he’s doing now, but I love noise, so, probably, I will like it! This is the main reason that makes me like J. Mascis: I love noise and I love calmness, and he is the person that better connects both things.
And yes, if I remember right, I wrote to Iggy when I got "American Caesar".
Well, your idea (hypnotize my coleague) is very good, less drastic than the idea that I have: Murder! (just kidding!). But, seriously, sometimes she drives me crazy, searching for gossips and recipes in Internet, all day long!
Waiting for your news,