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I came across this so I thought I`d comment.
I do hear some Hendrix in J`s playing,Hendrix influenced alot of guitarists,as much as Coltrane influenced saophonists.Jimi`s drummer Mitch Mitchell was hugely influenced
by Coltrane`s drummer Elvin Jones,to link the two musicians together.
Jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock is someone who I hear when I listen to J `s solos.Back in the 60`s Sharrock developed a rock style of guitar
in jazz,using distortion,feedback and chaotic playing that was common in 60`s free jazz,just free jazzers used mostly saxophones than guitars,so Sharrock was an innovator in the field,he used alot of things Hendrix usually gets creditted with.I think of Sharrock as being the missing link between Coltrane and Sonic Youth.Sharrock died in 1994 of a heart attack and signed to a major label not long before his death,they were going to promote him as "the godfather of grunge",Neil Young gets called that alot,but I think Neil would agree Sharrock deserved the title.
Make no mistake,Hendrix was amazing but there`s always an underdog who does`nt get the credit they deserve.Is Bob Dylan the greatest songwriter or was it Townes Van Zandt?,Is Aretha Franklin the queen of soul or is it Etta James?there is always an overlooked musician who never got their chance.