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From 1993 to last year I had a pair of earphones that were amazing,but over time they were a mess of dust and dirt,the covers had to be changed every 2 years or so,and close to shorting out.In august of last year I bought those headphones thinking they would be as good as earphones,of course thay were different but they were around the same price,so I expected them to be the same.
Last christmas and on my birthday I tried out some other ones,one at the same price but smaller which was too trebly,and one that was $30 more that louder but seemed to pick up a lot of hiss,even from CD.So I took both of them back,which is something I never do,I never return items,but I did`nt see the point in keeping them.
They don`t even make the earphones I had anymore so I can`t buy that kind.
Thanks to Eggwater for his suggestion.
ELJ-if you heard the earphones I used to have you`d be amazed by the sound.