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Rosa – "they shoot horses don’t they" is a book by Horace McCoy, about a danceathon thing in the depression, symbolic of the toils and struggles of life. Later made into a film with Jane Fonda. Was trying to be witty with my comment, but failed miserably.

Did you know that your perfect match is with either a dog or a tiger? So, how you doin’? Ha ha.

If I see any Chinese Elvis’, rest assured I shall take a pic and post it here. In return, if you ever see that Asian Batman again, or "caped crusasian" (I kill myself), get me a snap.

Let’s try to get everyone’s Chinese horoscope, and see if we can pair everyone off according to signs. Should be fun. So Rosa, looks like so far you got the choice of a dog, me or mattman’s dad <img>