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K7 Rides Again

<strong>Kurticus: You’re a funny guy, don’t make me ban you! (just kidding… maybe.)</strong>

Geez, I pop in to say hi after two months and instantly get threatened w/ banishment. Maybe I won’t post that Doug Martsch/Mike Johnson review of tomorrow’s show after all… <img>

<strong>I called dibs on all Mattman related jokes over a year ago… and Kurticus knows it!!!1</strong>

Yo, you got a link to that post? I’d like to see it in writing b4 such dibs will be considered official! Be happy Jaron…you gots the new Dino…I gotta wait another week and a half and then I’ll be out of town, so I won’t be able to buy it for like 2 weeks!!! <img>