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Wow, i’m getting into this thread late…i’m not very observant.

I’d venture to guess that when "Appetite" hit the streets, very few posters here were listening to rock-type stuff. I picked up "Live Like a Suicide" (the EP that was on the "other" side of "Lies") when I was about 16 and was very energized. When Appetite hit, the first time I put the cassette in my truck stereo, all I could do was sit and stare. Gn’R, in their heydey (which, admitedly, didn’t last very long) were a phenomenal rock n’ roll band. Yes they were sloppy. Yes, sometimes the attitude meant more than the actual music. Yes, the whole "I can do more drugs and drink more Jack than you" image was a little trite…but for them it was very real. I’d give anything for bands today to have their attitude….instead of lecturing me about some dumbass political affiliation or begging me to save a tree in South America. Admitedly, I’ll never listen to another Gn’R album again b/c I thought the "Illusion" stuff was pure crap….Axl began to believe all the press and they no longer had the same attitude. Not to mention the songs were pretty weak. But in their prime man, they were incredible. What SPIN was trying to say with their cover was not that we actually needed Axl, per say, but the "rock n’ roll" attitude.

The sexist thing is an absolute riot. How long have ya’ll been listening to rock music?? It’s pretty much sexist by definition.

To each his own, but i’m off to spin a copy of "Appetite" and i’m sure i’ll enjoy the hell out of it.

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