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Guilty pleasures:
Once in a while I listen to Kate Bush,I have two tapes I bought awile ago;"Never for Ever" and "The Dreaming".`The Wedding List` from never for ever should be covered by PJ Harvey.
Movie-Sgt. pepper`s lonely hearts club band;that sucky 70`s movie with the Bee Gees
and Peter Frampton and a cast of musicians that make no sense such as Hank Williams
jr and jazz sax man Eddie harris.I like the scene when Frampton and Steven Tyler wrestle.
book-"A Tree Grows In brooklyn"-read it in high school;It`s set in the world war 1 era,the teens I have an intrest in that era like I feel I was there or something.It was a cool time jazz just entered the phonograph age and everything about that era just feels so familar.