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Hey Robert,

This really hurts but I have to admit I liked Dookie as well, confession doesn’t always feel good though…still hurts. Actually saw them in 94 at a relatively small club with only 500 people at the most, was fun but during that show noted how similar most songs are. They recently have been giving credit to Husker Du for the huge impact they had on their song writing, personally I don’t see it but hey at least they give the credit not just rip it off.

Didn’t buy any more Green Day, got pretty sick of it really fast. Think part of the thrill was that mid 94 I was living out of town to attend school in a very odd place and I finally got to go home full time….back to my life!!! I was giddy for about the first 3 months, it wasn’t my fault it was the elated mental state took away my usually discriminating taste……Yeah Right!!!

Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img]