K7 Rides Again

I know exaclty where your coming from. I’ve definately seen the bottom of the barrel and met with the most elite in my quests. The worst was always playing the "waiting game". Sometimes it would last for days, but I was always willing to play. Got onto a lot of harder things, too, so I’ve seen a lot. The week long trips, the all weekend long binges where sleep was just a far off place that I’d never get to, the emotions running high and out of control…Still enjoy the occasional puff but not like I used to…every now and then is more than enough. Alas, it’s just not for me anymore, guess that’s what happens when you grow up. It was fun for a while, but there’s just too much at risk in it now. all the people I’ve hurt…family, friends, girlfriends…The scum you have to associate with, pimps, skanks, jail time, property seizures, guns, beatings, maybe even the loss of your life. (I know a guy who had his face completely rearranged with a 2×4, they needed a picture to reconstruct it, all over a several hundred dollar owed debt…some people don’t fuck around) it’s just not worth it…not anymore…probably, no, surely never was worth it. Definately a case of youthful innocence lost. But I’m smarter and better because of it now. Try to live our lives in the most productive ways possible I guess. Live and learn. Thank god J was there too support me through it all…

the dreams keep me awake…the feelings hard to shake

your not going to get me through this are you?

starting to see why J means so much to me?

damn, what a moment of re/inflection…thanx tones [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]