K7 Rides Again

i always thought the frogs was just that, frogs. you know, a place of solitude he goes to to get away from it all and just think by himself…next to a river, a brdge over a pond etc.. He says "come to my side and I’ll introduce you to…some of their kind…might be with them tonight…" Hanging with the frogs i.e. hanging with HIS ideas. "Some of their kind" being the thoughts he has rather than everyone else’s.
Here’s another part though that I think tweed is involved cuz’ he says "gotta unfry ‘fore I take it up with you." He has to come down off his buzz and get away from his thought’s (back to reality) to focus in on other things.

I don’t think pond song was about drugs but the one two songs before it is…Yeah We Know
push too far…feel the skin begin to scar-needle tracks
got no clue we just know what we do-just needing that fix
take it in…wait and see…if it’s enough just cuz’ it’s free-jumping on a free buzz, and if it’s enough he won’t have to buy any more to get that fix
there’s a few other lines that made me think but I can’t remember what they are and the cd’s in my car so this post stops there.
Get back to ya on "the glove" when I have more time. (trying to cram a 10 week physics course into 5 days…hopefully I can test out of it so I don’t have to take it [img]images/smiles/converted/cool.gif[/img] )