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I can agree with a lot of your points there mr. salami…I was with the SST vote at first and I would have stuck with it…but even though I love all those bands you mentioned (not sure about G. Hart’s solo stuff)…this stuff was when I was not of record buying age…( i do love the band ALL though on Cruz – they did the class "she’s my ex" and "scary sad") I’ve followed Drag City almost since it’s birth and i just know that a lot of the stuff I’ve not heard on that label is gonna be good because everything i have is top…my favorite is possibly King Kong’s Funny Farm album or the final Gastr Del Sol album…too hard to choose…I really want the two Burnout records.

the thing in the UK with Matador is…a lot of the bands have different labels over here…for example Pavement were on Black Cat at first and Superchunk were on City Slang, so we don’t realise how important that label was.

I only have two records on Caroline…the Neil Young Covers LP and the Guitarrorists compilation..both featuring J Mascis…(my reason for purchase I have to admit)