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Good poll Eggwater!
I chose SST-Black Flag,Minutemen/Firehose,Husker Du/Grant Hart,Meat Puppets,Bad Brains,Sonic Youth,Dinosaur Jr,etc. they were the best indie of the 80`s.

Matador I put 2nd-Superchunk,Yo La Tengo,Bettie Serveert,GBV,Bardo Pond,Teenage Fanclub,Jon Spencer,Bailter Space,Pavement,Railroad Jerk,Silkworm,etc.
best indie of the 90`s,(they did have major label ties in the mid 90`s though,that`s why Superchunk left).

Touch And Go/Quaterstick I would put 3rd-Slint,Seam,Mule,June Of 44,Man Or Astroman,Big Black/Shellac,Silkworm,Rachel`s,Rodan,Tar,etc

Drag City I would put 4th-Palace Brothers,Royal Trux,Red Krayola,Gastr Del Sol,Smog,etc.

There`s alot of good indies,Caroline was cool,they put out the Drop 19`s,sighned Versus and dropped them,which I`m still mad about,they care more about electronica these days,Matador seems to be in the same direction(and hip hop)since indie rock has taken some harsh hits over the last few years,I saw in a magazine recently that indie rock will problably make a comeback.