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Here are some I’ve actually gotten:

Good ones:

"Excuse me, you are absolutely gorgeous."

"I love your eyebrows. I’ll be back shortly to propose marriage"

(upon meeting one of my sister’s friends): "I see the hot gene runs in the family!"

(a geeky guy in a Minor Threat t-shirt): "wanna go play some pinball?"

and then there was the time I actually stopped traffic…I was walking to work and this truck stopped in the middle of the road, and this guy yelled out "I just had to stop and tell you how cute you are!"

Bad ones:

"I like what you got goin’ on"

"Damn girl, you look fitted" (I don’t get it)

(when I was buying guitar strings): "So, you’re buying some guitar strings?"

(from a butch lesbian, after I told her I was waiting for some friends): "I knew you were too cute to be sitting here by yourself" (can you say LAME)

"you kinda remind me of my ex-girlfriend"

"are you from the east coast? Yeah, I could tell"


sure I’ll think of more later

take care

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