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A man is teaching his wife to play golf. As they near the twelfth hole, he begins to get nervous. "Now honey, this next hole goes between a couple of houses, don’t slice the ball to the right or the left."
Sure enough, she hits the ball and it goes straight through the window of a $1,000,000 home. They go to the front door, knock, and are greeted by a strangely dressed man.
"Um, I’m really sorry, we were playing golf and we seem to have broken one of your windows."
"I am the great Genie Al’khazabar. When you hit your ball through my window, you also knocked my lamp over, freeing me from 1000 years incarceration. In my gratitude, I shall grant you three wishes."
The wife answers immediately, "I would like $1000 every week, for the rest of my life."
"Granted," says the Genie.
The Husband says, "I would like to make partner at work."
"Granted, and what is your final wish?"
The two look at each other, finally one adds "well, what would you like?"
"Ah," the Genie replies, "It has been 1000 years since I have been with a woman, I would like to sleep with your wife."
The two mull it over, and the wife agrees. The two are going at it when the Genie asks, "how old are you, mam?"
"um. . . 34."
"And how old is your husband."
"And aren’t the two of you a bit old to believe in magic Genies?"