It’s no doubt that the ‘Hoof was not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, when at it’s best, it was a very dark, evil vibes kind of band. I feel that it was representative of the space that we all were living in at the time. We were all in our early twenties, and each member was chemically dependent in their own special way. If you think it sounds creepy on record, all I can say is, you should’ve seen it live. Charlie was known for his menacing visage, but the reality is you couldn’t meet a kinder, more gentle soul. People would often refer to him as a satanic eskimo. People still tell me to this day that they consider some of those early ‘Hoof shows to be among the best they’ve ever seen. One that stands out in peoples minds was a gig at Hampshire college opening for Nirvana, right after "Bleach" came out. I know that those boys dug it. And it’s how I met my girlfriend, and I’ve been with her for over seven years now, so it couldn’t have all been bad!