ham steak

George-yeah that was the show. The sound was really horrible (if I remember correctly). I think that was the biggest shame of the night. Wasn’t there a film or two showing on stage, too? Some midgets and goblets of blood? Saw the ‘Hoof one or two other times as well. Was also at UConn to see Gobblehoof and there was a power outage and nobody played.
Worst Dino show I saw was at the Ritz w/Big Dipper and B.A.L.L. Lou just kept blasting this sampled stuff that was so irritating, and loud. Nobody on stage looked like they were enjoying themselves. I did end up buying a boot of it a few years later. It was the first out of state show my girlfriend and I went to.
As for Charlie, he was the nicest sound person I ever dealt with. And he did a good job. I could actually hear the monitors!
I also had the pleasure of meeting you once. It was in the men’s room at the Bay State. I was wearing an Alaska t-shirt and you said you’d never been there or Florida. I think J was playing bass for someone. The place was packed. Been to Alaska yet? <img>