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Randy Jane

My step dad doesnt believe in ghosts, he thinks its dumb to, but when he lived in Jonesborogh TN (supposedly friggin haunted out the kazoo) he had to drive to work every morning at like 5 or 5:30. He came to a very small road, one that I have traveled many times, its a road, that comes to an end, then turns either right or left. Theres a big feild next to every road,and its like 20 degrees outside. He came to the end of the road and stopped at the stop sign, and saw something coming through the fence from the feild onto the road directly in front of him. He made it out to be a man in about his 40s, dressed in a full civil war uniform. The man stared him down as he passed him. About ten years later, my step dad started doing geneology, and found a picture of his great great grandmother, standing with that very man he’d seen 10 years earlier. It turns out the man was his great great grandfather. He hadnt ever seen a picture of him untill then, so he didnt even know what he looked like. He still dosent really believe in ghosts, but now he is a little bit more open to the issue. There are a whole crap load of things that are weird in Jonesborogh. Nothing ever hits the media thoguh, well, since they hung the Elephant for killing a lot of people….still no elephant ghosts have been reported though…hehehehehe.