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One winter night, several years ago, my friend & I were walking through the graveyard near my dad’s house in upstate NY. While I wouldn’t walk through by myself at night, it was a walk we often took together when we didn’t feel like walking on the road. It was peaceful, quiet, and nothing weird ever happened…until this one night.

The cemetery runs about two blocks long, and the path that goes through it is parallel to the street. The path is lined with several large trees, and that night they were covered with snow and really heavy and saggy.

So Marie and I are walking along, talking, and we suddenly hear this weird noise– it sounds like there are hundreds of birds in the tree ahead of us, but we can’t see any signs of them. It is this crazy deranged sound, like a squall of loons. Since we can’t SEE any birds, we figure that maybe they are cloaked by the heavy snow and branches. So we each grab a snowball and throw it square into the middle of the branches. Nothing flies out and the sound stops all at once.

So we are weirded out but we keep walking (we’re already halfway through). We take a few more steps and we hear the same exact deranged sound, only it’s coming from the NEXT tree, 20 yards ahead. And again when we get close, we throw snowballs at it and it stops, and nothing flies out or even moves. The next tree, the sound happens again, but by this time we quit with the snowballs and just decide to haul ass. It keeps happening at each tree– sounds like a thousand crazy birds making this strange deranged noise….and then it stops when we get within striking range.

This is my only legitimate eerie story and it still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. Suffice to say, I haven’t cut through that graveyard since.

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