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…there is this road that circles neatly around the outside of my small town and it is used for drining loops to think and such and during one of these loops while i was driving this catlikeanimal began to run along side my car, i was impressed at the furry creature’s ability to keep pace with my motor propelled vechicle and at that moment of admoration my seemingly new friend’s life was taken from him by my tire as it’s force rolled over his body. I was horified, i hate hurting anything or seeing pain let alone causing it however inatvertant and accidental may have been, i was at some fault and i flet bad, but we move on and forget until you are on the same loop same car and same dark night i forgot to mention but days if not weeks probably months but doubtful years later you see what looks like a cat not running but in comfortable "Garfield" symbol contentment pose, it waws only a moment i saw him but i knew shortly afterword for some reason that it was the ghost of that bunny i believe on reflection that tried to run with my and my car but failed and he was telling me it was alright at least that is what it felt like and what i believe…