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I had something very funny happen…………………..
My daughter was interested in finding out about any "haunted" places in Georgia, other than in
Savannah, some of which we have visited……………………I found on the internet a place called
"Haunted places in Georgia" see here http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/georgia.htm”>http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/georgia.htm

We sat reading them and I saw Elbert County/Boman We have a friend that lives out in Bowman so it struck
my interest the piece went on to say:

Elbert County/Bowman – Woods on Ginn Street – Drums are heard at night coming from deep within the woods. At midnight a banging sound is heard. A ghost with a cape and long, broad hat floats out in the cattle field on late summer nights.

I fell out of my chair laughing, thats K. Peter Shulhan, he has a house on Ginn street (not many houses there)
he is a drummer and has a studio/workshop out in the woods where he plays his drums almost always late at night (not many neighbors around for some distance) if he is not banging on the drums he is usually working on some project that requires banging of some sort. Often when he gets drunk (which is often) he wonders out in the cow fields.

I called his wife at work when I read this, she brought it up on the internet and we laughed until we cried.

Now we wonder, who reported this? Boman is a little town near the South Carolina border, not many people live there……………….it is a mystery, but a funny one.