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My mom was once at some kind of conference in Gettysburg, and was staying in either a flat dorm or hotel that was on an old war ground. In the middle of the night she would hear horses’ hooves, really loud and thundering. And every morning, at exactly the same time, there would be a sharp rapping at her door just before dawn. And of course, each time, no one was there when she checked.


Also, my mom and particularly my sister have somewhat psychic tendencies, and both of them have had weird premonitions, out of body experiences, etc. My mom thinks they’re cool, but my sister, who is the most sensitive, hates it and gets really upset and withdrawn when things happen.

For example, my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday is on September 11th. Last year, he was away from home and was going to fly back to Seattle (from New York) on his birthday, and my sister freaked out and insisted that he come back a day early. Then, on the 11th, at the same time as the bombings, she said a large shadow moved over the overhead light in her apartment, darkening everything, and she heard a deafening mechanical sound for well over ten minutes. She was in bed at the time, and couldn’t move because she was so freaked out.

My mom also had an intense experience that day; she was dreaming in the early morning and had the sensation of moving really really fast (like on a carnival ride where you rise up out of your seat slightly) and then coming to a violent halt, whereupon she woke up.

I gotta stop here; I’m freaking myself out.