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Yeah, I’m lookong forwards to it to. For those who aren’t familiar with Rÿan Adams:

Born in Jacksonvile on 5 november 1974, he writes three songs a day. His live changed by the album "damaged" from Black flag. His first band was Patty Duke Syndrome.
He is right now working on a novel and a play.
He is lucky to have or had something with Winona Ryder
His favorite cap has the text: "my wife says I never listen to her…at least that’s what I think she said" I have seen him playin drums, piano, mouthharp, vox, guitar and I am sure he knows how to play the fool too!!

Yeah, it’s the second time to see him in Paradiso…I hope he is playing three houres again. It’s bad for that wounded knee of mine, so you’d probably see me sitting on the shoulders of den buck <img> <img> <img>

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