seeing the german quote reminded of something a girl said to me when I was in germany some years ago(actually it’s 5 years since I last was there.)
I met her at a club in Münster, she was pretty and liked Turbonegro so I smiled alot that evening.

She was great fun, but I opted for tons of beer and a deathpunk concert with friends instead of talking to her -not sure she liked me or just got a kick out of the fact that I sucked in german. My german isn’t excactly great, so I didn’t understand all she said.
When I was leaving she bent over and whispered something like: "I möchten Dich runtherholen," with a big smile.

I never found out what that meant, so if den buck or someone else who speaks german could translate it I would appreciate it. It has started to haunt me again, after all these years. Please make it go away!

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