Tocotronic is one of my cult bands. I first saw this guys in the old MTV’s (fuck it) show called Alternative Nation, a great tv show. I mean, they used to show great videos of real indie bands.
I even remember a special dedicated to the quintessential kraut band "Can".
And they used to play Tocotronic a lot. So I felt in love with this band. Unfortunaletely I never found their cds in Italy. I only have a recent one, don’t remember the title, with a black cover and a starhip draw inside, but is not that great..it’s ok. I’m sure their old stuff is much better. Any of you german guys wants make some cdr copies of those cds for me. In exchange for I can offer lots of music from indie bands, 70’s, 80’s, free jazz etc.

Once Dino ruled the world now it’s only MTV. Thurston Moore